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Auction Calender

Japan Auto Auction Calender

Auction Sheet Explanation

Please read carefully the auction sheet. In auctions, vehicles are graded as below:
GradeCondition of vehicles
SNew vehicle, registered in Japan but almost not used.
5Vehicle in excellent condition. No slight scratches or dents.
4.5New vehicle, registered in Japan but almost not used.
4Vehicle in good condition, very minor scratches/dents due to normal wear as usually get with any normal vehicle.
3.5Vehicle has few scratches or dents visibly.
This is average condition of used vehicles.
3Various scratches or dents, some paint blemishes.
RAVehicle has been in MINOR accident record.
It has been repaired to an acceptable standard.
R/A/0Vehicle has been accident record where some parts have been repaired or replaced.
***Accident damaged vehicle however has been repaired.
Vehicle may have engine problems and not runable.
InteriorCondition of vehiclesComment
AInterior like newAcceptable
BClean interior. Parts not damagedAcceptable
CInterior need cleaning. Minor damagesAcceptable
DBad interior, damages. Need to repairNot Acceptable
Auction SheetSpecificationsComment
A1Small sized scratchAcceptable
A2Medium sized scratchAcceptable
A3Big sized scratchNot Acceptable
U(B)1Small sized dentAcceptable
U(B)2Medium sized dentAcceptable
U(B)3Big sized dentNot Acceptable
AU(AB)1Small sized scratch and dentAcceptable
AU(AB)2Medium sized scratch and dentAcceptable
AU(AB)3Big sized scratch and dentNot Acceptable
W1Repaired and repainted but smallAcceptable
W2Repaired and repainted but mediumAcceptable
W3Repaired and repainted but bigNot Acceptable
P1Bald spot or discolor - smallAcceptable
P2Bald spot or discolor - mediumAcceptable
P3Bald spot or discolor - bigNot Acceptable
XNeeds replacementNot Acceptable
S/S1Rust - normalAcceptable
S2Rust - mediumAcceptable
S3Rust - seriousNot Acceptable
X1Stone spot in front glassAcceptable
X2Crack in front glass about 3cmAcceptable
X3Broken window glass, need to changeNot Acceptable